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Published Writing/ Interviews




Point Suite: Contemporary Art Book, Main Introduction. Active Ideas Productions, NY 2015


Thomas Frontini, Solo Exhibition, William Busta Gallery, Cleveland, OH. Catalogue essay, 2011


D. Dominic Lombardi  “Hidden Worlds” Central Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Catalogue essay, 2010


Claudia Sperry, Solo Show, Oxbow Gallery, Northampton MA. Catalog essay, 2010


“Present Tense” at Available Potential Enterprise, Northampton MA. Catalogue essay, 2009


Bhandari, Heather D. and Jonathan Melber. ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career. New York: Simon and Schuster, Inc, 2009. Quoted on pages 47. 77, 89, 137, 149, and 236. 


Al Wadzinski, Solo Exhibition, NY Studio Gallery, NY. Catalogue essay, 2009


Adela Leibowitz, Solo Exhibition, 33 Bond Gallery, NY. Catalogue essay, 2009


Piao Guangxie "Good Luck" Soemo Fine Arts, Beijing, China: Catalog essay, 2008


Peter Barrett, Solo Exhibition, Ingalls & Associates Gallery, Miami Beach FL. Catalog essay, 2008


Thomas Frontini "Limbo Karma" Lawrence Asher Gallery, Los Angeles. Catalogue essay, 2006


"Beautiful Dreamer" Spaces Gallery, Cleveland Ohio. Catalog essay for curated exhibition, 2006


“Carla Gannis: Travelogue” Pablo’s Birthday, New York. Catalogue essay, 2004


Diana Shpungin and Nicole Engelmann "Second Generation Ego" University of Massachusetts Amherst, Hampden Gallery, brochure text 2004


Leemour Pelli “Five Year Retrospective" University of Central Florida Orlando, UCF Gallery, exhibition catalogue essay, 2003


"THE SOUND OF VISION: Karl Gerstner at Meredith Rosen Gallery" - May 16, 2024

"California Locos: Renaissance and Rebellion" by Dave Tourjé, Shana Nys Dambrot, Michelle Deziel-Hernandez, Chaz Bojórquez, and Lauren Over. [Book Review] - May 14, 2024

“Out Of The Dark: The Education of Nolan Preece” - March 3, 2024

“A Palimpsest Of The Unseen” - February 13, 2024

“The Seduction of Selection: Appropriation Art In History and Today” Jan 14, 2024

“BLOOD MEMORY: Nicole Williams at Photofairs NY” - December 23, 2023

“BETWEEN AN ELEGY AND THE MOUNTAINS: My Father's Work Shed: Paintings And Poems
by Bart O’Reilly [Book Review] - Dec 14, 2023

“STACKING THE RAINBOW: Scott Richter at Elizabeth Harris Gallery, September 2002” December 9, 2023

"Sight Into Mind" a review of Rebecca Hackemann's "3-D Experimental VR and Art
Practices: Untangling Another Dimension" 2023 [Book Review] - November 25, 2023

"Jeanne Wilkinson and The Cloud Connection" - September 10, 2023

“Escape Velocity/Dellamarie Parrili “Living in Technicolor" with KTC Artist Affiliates - August 25, 2023

"Storms Worth Naming/ "Mapping the Creative Moment" at  KTC Artist Affiliates - August 15, 2023

"Eric Sanders: A Personal History of Emergence" - August 2, 2023

“Leah Oates: The Transitory Instinct” - July 7, 2023

"Jim Singelis: Being, The Story" - June 21, 2023

"Eric Sanders and The Active Symbol" - May 16, 2023

"Bill Durgin: The Story of the Body" - April 8, 2023

"Gregory de la Haba: Divining The Magic Number" - February 18, 2023

"Ann Kraus: Illustrating Infinity" - January 23, 2023

"Also A Daughter/ Ada Calhoun's memoir "Also A Poet" [Book Review] - November 10, 2022

"The Poet Unmasked/ Eve Packer's "No Mask No Talk" [Book Review] - October 1, 2022

"Amanda C Mathis: Tracking The Marks of Memory" - May 15, 2022

"Between The Pen and The Brush, An Interview with Dawn Delikat" - January 20, 2022

"Joseba Eskubi: The Resistant Reflection" - April 3, 2022

"One Night At A Time/  “Our Souls at Night" by Kent Haruf  [Book Review] - March 8, 2022

"The Prismatic and Manic Collage Rhythms of Bernice Sokol Kramer" December 15, 2021

"Andrea Burgay/The Actual Arranged, A Reliquary To Ruin, And Other Feats" - September 30, 2021

"Raphael Zollinger and The Beauty of Forgetting" - September 4, 2021

"The Making of Unmaking 2" 2021


"How The Plots Became Fiendish, An Interview" 2021


"The Making of Unmaking" 2021


"Courting Complexity" January 2021


David Adamo at Untitled New York, FRIEZE MAGAZINE,January 2014


"The Low Road: The Cultural Landscape of The Bowery" at The New Museum, ARTILLERY MAGAZINE, January 2013


Dike Blair at Feature, Inc, FRIEZE MAGAZINE, September 2013


"OFF THE SHELF: The Catcher in the Rye" PLAYSPACE MAGAZINE Volume 1, 2012


Jason Middlebrook at Dodge Gallery, FLASH ART, March 2012


Hrvoje Slovenc profile, ARTILLERY MAGAZINE. Volume 6, Issue 5, June-July 2012 p. 48

 “The Bushwick Biennial” ART NOTES, September 2009

Fortress to Solitude, ART NOTES #10, Fall 2009

Marcy Brafman “Devotion in Motion” Vellum Artzine #5, 2007

Amanda Church at Michael Steinberg. ART NOTES, 2007

Allan McCollum at Friedrich Petzel. ART NOTES, 2007

Carroll Dunham at Gladstone. ART NOTES, 2007

Amanda Church “Between The Lines” at Michael Steinberg Gallery, ART NOTES, Fall 2006

Matthew McCaslin "Mining The Urban Divide" PERFORMING ARTS JOURNAL #77 2004

David Henry Brown Jr at Daniel Silverstein, ZINGMAGAZINE #   2002

Tracy Nakayama at Modern Culture, FLASH ART #  2002

Roe Ethridge at Andrew Kreps, FLASH ART # 2002

Ge-Karel van der Sterren at Henry Urbach Architecture, FLASH ART ONLINE 2002

Sandra Bermudez feature,  NY ARTS # 2002

On Kawara at David Zwirner, C MAG #69, March 2001


Lisa Stefanelli at Pierogi, ZINGMAGAZINE, Volume 13, pp. 246-247, Autumn 2000,

Moyra Davie at American Fine Arts, ZINGMAGAZINE, Volume 13, pp. 230-231, Autumn 2000,

"Abstraction in Process II" at Artists Space, NY SOHO ARTS, 1998

"Original Scale" at Apex Art, NY SOHO ARTS, 1998

Mona Hatoum at The New Museum, NY SOHO ARTS, 1998

Peggy Bates at Tobey Fine Arts, ZINGMAGAZINE Volume 6, Summer Issue, pp.181-82, 1998

Annette Messager at Gagosian, C MAG #53, May 1997

Jose Antonio Hernandez-Diez at Sandra Gering, NY SOHO ARTS, 1997

Nancy Spero at Jack Tilton, PPOW, and NY Kunsthalle, NY SOHO ARTS, 1997

Roxy Paine at Ronald Feldman, ZINGMAGAZINE Volume 4, pp. 301-302, 1997

The Cowboy Wally Show by Kyle Baker, Graphic novel review, COVER ARTS,  1996

Jim Toia at Kim Foster, COVER ARTS, 1996

After Andy: Soho in the Eighties by Paul Taylor, book review, COVER ARTS, 1996

Dionisio Blanco at Barnard Biederman Fine Art, COVER ARTS , 1996

Petah Coyne at Laurence Miller, COVER ARTS , 1996


2025: Leah Oates

2024: Saint-Clair Cemin, Gregory de la Haba, Alvin Roy, David Tourje, Dina White

2023: Gregory de la Haba, Rebecca Hackemann, Leah Oates, Dellamarie Parrilli, Eric Sanders, Steve Simpson, Jim Singelis, Jeanne Wilkinson

2022: Peggy Bates


2021: Han Bing, Fox Pretorius, Jennifer Zackin

2020: Rainer Ganahl, ​Jason Hackenwerth, Ann Kraus, Dee Solin

​2018: Pat Benincasa, Arleen Joseph, Virginia Katz, Katherine Parker

2016: Graciela Cassel, Richard Rivera, Amy Sands

2014: Peggy Bates, Annika Connor, Elsie Kagan,

2012: Carter Hodgkin, Leah Oates, Daniel Sewell, Dee Solin, Michael Zansky

2011: Thomas Frontini

2010: D. Dominic Lombardi, Claudia Sperry

2009: Timothy Blum, Sean Greene, Adela Leibowitz

2008: Peter Barrett


2007: Leah Oates


2006: Thomas Frontini


2004: Carla Gannis


2003: Leemour Pelli

2002: Liz-N-Val


1998: Peggy Bates


1997: Rosa Silver


Emil Alzamora "Supernumerary" MIKE WEISS GALLERY ONLINE PROJECT 2018


Cui XuanJi "Suspension" catalogue essay KU ART CENTER, Seoul, Korea, 2007

Carla Gannis "Travelogue" catalogue essay PABLO'S BIRTHDAY, 2004



2020    ART HOLDING PATTERN: "Decoder Ring: The Paintings of Karla Knight"

2020    A READING SPACE "Andre Dubus: The Power of the Ordinary"

2020    ART HOLDING PATTERN: "Color Rush: The Paintings of Bernhard Buhmann"

2018    ART QUIPS Francine Tint at Cavalier Gallery

2017    ART QUIPS "Free Form Five" at Elga Wimmer Gallery
2017    THE GIBSON REPORT Number Five: Eric Brown "Punctuate" at Theodore: Art
2017    THE GIBSON REPORT Number Four: Studio Journal with Keiko Narahashi
2017    THE GIBSON REPORT Number Three: Kathleen Elliot The Denatured Truth
2016    ART QUIPS "Currents in Photography" at Walter Wickiser Gallery

2016    THE GIBSON REPORT Number One: Brie Ruais

​2015    PLAYSPACE MAGAZINE: Terry Haggerty at Sikkema Jenkins and Co
2015    PLAYSPACE MAGAZINE: Sandra Gottlieb at NY Hall of Science
2015    STUDIO JOURNAL A Visit with Janice Caswell
2015    STUDIO JOURNAL A Visit with Dean Monogenis

2015    STUDIO JOURNAL A Visit with Keiko Narahashi

​2014    ART QUIPS Rob Mango at Elga Wimmer
2014    ART QUIPS Gloria Garfinkel at George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum
2014    ART QUIPS "100 Paintings: An Artist's Life in NY City" by Rob Mango
2014    THRESHOLDING Tom Fruin at Mike Weiss Gallery
2014    THRESHOLDING Presenting Josh Peters 

2008    ART QUIPS Arthur Cohen at Jack the Pelican Presents
2007    ARTICLE "On the Sixth Day"
2007    THE GIBSON REPORT Number Two: Natural Selection with Joy Episalla 


2005    WBURG "By Innocence Bound," Mike Cockrill at 31 Grand
1999    ARTICLE: Aaron Rose at Paul Kasmin


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